Poetry and Pictures

Poetry and Pictures

  • 作者 / 許昭彥、程聖雄
  • 出版社 / 獵海人
  • 出版日期 / 2021-08
  • ISBN / 9789860656077
  • 定價 / NT$ 200
  • 優惠價 / NT$ 180
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This book of “poetry and pictures“ is dedicated to people and artists, who appreciate imaginary arts of water waves, undulating like painter's brush to mirror nature's objects, resulting in vivid, lovely images of poetic sentiment.


▌Francis Cheng
Francis S Cheng holds PhD in Chemistry, and DSc in Chemical Engineering. He had postdoctoral training; worked for many industries including Exxon, Monsanto, and Vanderbilt Chemicals.
He had industrial experiences for 45 years ranging from organic additives syntheses for auto and aviation industries, high-performance poly-materials for communication and oil industries, and polyester bottles for beverage industries.
Career-wise, he had 8 publications, and 8 patents awarded.
In addition, he had 15 poetry anthologies published with Faxon-Poetry Group.
He chose retirement after suffering from hearing impairments.
Retirement meant time for break and new experience, while facing tough choice of either walking three miles daily, even suffering chronic arthritis, or succumbing to weight gain, and infirmity.
In fact, Mother Earth was best role model for guiding us to stay healthy, with daily exercise, and to avoid falling into victim of another statistic.

▌John Hsu
After taking pictures for many years. I have realized that the ideal photo-art picture is water image.
To differentiate from most other water image photos, my photos are comprised entirely of water image, in absence of real object. While this provides a vast water image of sky as outstanding background for desired composition, and creation of painting-like photo. Because water wave is like unique stroke of painter's brush.
John holds B.S. in Agricultural Chemistry and M.S. in Food Science. He had worked 32 years for the Nestle Co. as a food technologist and obtained 24 patents. He has two life-long hobbies.
One is watching baseball and the other is photography. He has published 8 baseball books in Taiwan and 1 baseball article in The New York Times.
Two of his baseball books are kept in Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown in New York. He has published 8 photo books, 7 of them are water image photos. One of his photos (“Labyrinth – Goodspeed Opera House”) won the Best Photography Award at New Britain Museum of American Art. He had 23 solo exhibitions in Connecticut.


A Tribute to Gifted Photographer 
A Scientist, Poet and Gentleman 
 1 Joy of Happy Company
 2 Blooming Aqua Images 
 3 Dancing Rabbit on Cloud Nine
 4 River of No Return
 5 Coy Windmill
 6 Impish Cat Flees Fires on Water
 7 Camouflaging Octopus
 8 Imaginary Fire Propagations
 9 Splendid Scenery of Digitized Painting
 10 Charming of Fallen Foliage
 11 Spectacular Growing Weeds
 12 Sparkling Beethoven Image
 13 Aesthetic-Treasure of Spring
 14 Allure of Water Reflections on Fall Scene
 15 Kaleidoscopic Fall River Scene
 16 Beautiful Scenery of Charming Spring
 17 Pleasant Aqua Images of Spring Sun
 18 Memorable Departure of Charming Fall
 19 Nature’s Sparkling Beauty
 20 Pretty Lotus Sailing on Mosaic Skies
 21 Splendid View of Green River
 22 Nautical Pier Posts
 23 Flag and Soldier
 24 Bon Voyage to Happy Cruising
 25 Water Reflection of Heroic American Flag at Sea
 26 Marine Crew
 27 Set Sail for Long Journey
 28 Job Done at Gleaming Sunset


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