Art and Narrative

Art and Narrative

  • 作者 / 林孜郁(Tzu Yu Allison Lin)
  • 出版社 / 秀威出版(秀威資訊)
  • 出版日期 / 2019-08
  • ISBN / 9789863267270
  • 定價 / NT$ 200
  • 優惠價 / NT$ 180
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"This book offers many literary occasions for thinking about the challenging and ever changing connections and disconnections of truth and beauty in their times and in their texts."
──Professor Rachel Bowlby, UCL



This book aims to be a guidance, showing a way of reading a literary text not only verbally but also visually. Through artistic terms and movements, the readers can see that a literary text can be enjoyed not only through the black words on the whitepapers. A solid and profound understanding of the visual arts can especially remind us how different and also, how difficult, when it comes to read a verbal painting.
For scholars, students, and also for people who are interested in the mutual development of visual and verbal narrative forms, this book is also innovative.


Dr Tzu Yu Allison Lin received her PhD in English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths, University of London. She teaches at Faculty of Education, Gaziantep University, Turkey. Dr Lin is the co-editor and the reviewer of several international journals. Her publications are journal articles and books, including London Poetics (Taipei: Showwe, 2016). Dr Lin is currently working on a new book with several colleagues, which is about education in perspectives of cultural studies.


Chapter 1 ◆ Surrealism
Chapter 2 ◆ Impressionism
Chapter 3 ◆ Realism
Chapter 4 ◆ Symbolism


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