The New World

The New World

  • 作者 / Christian D. Chu
  • 出版社 / Christian D. Chu
  • 出版日期 / 2024-05
  • ISBN / 9786260127541
  • 定價 / NT$ 300
  • 優惠價 / NT$ 237 (新書優惠期限至2024/08/01)
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In a world shattered by catastrophe, teens discover that they wield powers beyond imagination. But survival means mastering their abilities amidst ruins.

Will their gifts be enough to stop the impending disaster, or will they succumb to sheer power?





This story is set in a futuristic society, where a disastrous nuclear war has devastated the earth and caused certain children to develop abnormal abilities. Governments no longer exist, and the remaining people live in fear and suppression from the powerful gangs that control everyone.

The main character, Hope, and her brother, Nye, must learn to navigate this tough environment, especially since Hope has a superpower of her own. However, the pair is separated amid a power struggle between two formidable sides. What will they do, and how will they get out of this alive?


▎Christian D. Chu
Christian is currently a high school Junior studying in Singapore American School. He was accepted into the NYT creative writing program, which helped expand his skills as a writer. Ever since he was little, he enjoyed reading various genres, and would read for hours if he could. Christian loves dystopian and science fiction especially, which is also what spurred him to write this book and many other short stories.



Chapter. 1 Hope
Chapter. 2
Chapter. 3
Chapter. 4
Chapter. 5 Nye
Chapter. 6
Chapter. 7
Chapter. 8
Chapter. 9 Hope
Chapter. 10
Chapter. 11
Chapter. 12
Chapter. 13 Nye
Chapter. 14
Chapter. 15
Chapter. 16
Chapter. 17
Chapter. 18
Chapter. 19
Chapter. 20
Chapter. 21


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